Videography, Editing, Production, Transfer and Duplication for Family and Business

Located in Vancouver, Washington only 15 minutes from Portland, Oregon

VHS and 8mm Tapes Transferred & DVD Duplication

tapetransferTransfer your VHS tapes, VHSC tapes, 8mm tapes & miniDV to a DVD or a computer video format. We can also transfer your audio cassettes to a CD.

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Slide, Negative & Photo Scanning

slidesTransfer your special memories to a DVD or computer for safekeeping.

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Funeral Memorial Slideshow and Videographer

fv2We specialize in video tributes for your loved ones using photos and video clips. We also video funeral services and graveside services. In addition, we can capture an interview with your loved one before it’s too late.

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Family Photo Slideshow and Videographer

famv1Transform your photos into a video production with music, titles and captions. We can also video your special family events.

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Business Marketing Videos and Videographer

bvpWe can produce promotional videos for your website that will increase your sales. We can also video your business events.

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Book Trailer Promotions


The newest way to promote your book is with a video book trailer. A book trailer has a powerful impact that will increase your sales.

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Digital Video Signage

dspWe can create compelling video signs for your business.

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Video Editing for Family and Business

veWe are here to assist you with all your editing needs. No project is too large or too small.

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Video Portraits

Capturing your personalty in addition to your image

home-video-portraitA still portrait is great, but a “Video Portrait” can be amazing! It’s all about capturing your personality in addition to your image. We can shoot your “Video Portrait” in the comfort of your own home or outside in a beautiful cinematic setting.

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