Family Photo Slideshow

Located in Vancouver, Washington

We can take your family photos and video clips and edit them into a beautiful video production. Our family video productions are not just slideshows where the presentations flip from one photo to the next. Your family video production will come alive with motion as the video pans, zooms and gently slides across each photo and smoothly transitions to the next photo. We use special effects, transitions, custom titles, captions, music and video clips to create a special memorable presentation that will be viewed by generations to come.


Photo Montage







Your pictures are scanned into a high resolution scanner and adjusted for color and brightness. Finally, we burn your video to a high quality DVD that will last for over 80 years. Your video also comes with a custom label that is printed on the disk.

Our prices are very affordable


What do you need to do?

  1. Gather your slides, photos, negatives and music.
  2. Number the back of your photos in the correct order.
  3. For slides, write the appropriate number in the upper right-hand corner.

How to get your media to us You can drop off your media at the address below or you can mail them to us. In either case, please call first. We will take the utmost care of your materials and they will be returned in the same condition that we received them.

Family Videographer

We can video your next special family events

Don’t let those special family times slip by without capturing them on video. Birthday parties, baptisms, graduation parties, new baby and engagement videos are special times that can be saved forever. Your children and grandchildren will cherish these videos for many years to come.


Birthday Party






New Baby

People often try to video these events themselves, but there is always the struggle between participating in the event and filming the event. We will free you from this daunting task by videoing your special event for you. We will use two cameras to produce a professional high quality video. After filming, there is a complete edit with titles, music, special effects and captions. Your video also comes with a custom label that is printed on the disk.

Our prices are very affordable

Please call or text (360) 518-7093