Funeral Memorial DVD Slideshow

Located in Vancouver, Washington


Most memorial videos are slideshows that flip from one photo to the next. They may have fancy transitions between the photos, but they are just slideshows. Our DVD memorial videos are uniquely different. Your funeral tribute will come alive with motion as the video pans, zooms and gently slides across each photo and smoothly transitions to the next photo. Your precious memories will also be enhanced with custom titles, captions, transitions, music and audio clips. In addition we can include significant documents, diplomas, military records, immigration documents and letters. Your pictures are scanned into a high resolution scanner and adjusted for color and brightness. Finally, we burn your video to a high quality DVD that will last for over 80 years. Your funeral tribute also comes with a customized printed labels making it a treasured keepsake for family members. Tributes are typically 6 to 10 minutes. 


Short turnaround time.

What do you need to do?

  • Gather your slides, photos, negatives and music.
  • Number the back of your photos in the correct order.
  • For slides, write the appropriate number in the upper right-hand corner.

How to get your media to us

You can drop off your media at the address below or you can mail them to us. In either case,  please call first. We will take the utmost care of your materials and they will be returned in the same condition that we received them.

Please call or text (360) 518-7093

Funeral Videographer

Capture an interview of your loved one before it’s too late


After the death of a loved one, many arrangements must be made and time is limited. It is, therefore, wise to have a funeral tribute made before your loved one passes. Making a funeral tribute beforehand allows us to include a video interview of your loved one. People often say, after the passing of a loved one, “Oh, I wish I had recorded some of their stories”. We will make the interview comfortable and enjoyable as we capture them talking about their childhood, parents, friends, ancestors, career, hobbies and adventures. The interview would be included in the funeral tribute, creating a truly memorable video.

Our prices are very affordable

Please call or text (360) 518-7093

Video Your Loved One’s Funeral and Graveside Services


When videoing a funeral or graveside service, we use two or three cameras to produce a professional quality video. After filming, there is a complete edit with titles, music, photos and a concluding poem. A video of the service is a special gift for friends and relatives who live out of town and are not able to attend the service. They can watch the service and say their goodbyes even though they live far away.


Our prices are very affordable

Please call or text (360) 518-7093