Video Editing for Family and Business

Located in Vancouver, Washington

We are here to assist you with your editing needs. No project is too large or too small. We edit home projects as well as commercial business projects. We use Final Cut Pro X editing software, the best editing software on the market today. Your final edit can be authored to a DVD or to a video file that will play on a computer.

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We can make simple edits i.e. cutting out some video and adding a title page or we can do more extensive edits i.e. editing several videos into one.

Your final edit can be enhanced with custom titles, captions, transitions, music and special effects. We will listen to you and make the edits you want. However, if you prefer you can simply leave all the creativity to us and we will make the appropriate edits. In either case, revisions are always part of the editing process.

Our prices are reasonable & affordable.

Please call or text (360) 518-7093