Video Portraits

Capturing your personalty in addition to your image

video-portrait1  video-portrait2

A still portrait is great, but a “Video Portrait” can be amazing! It’s all about capturing your personality in addition to your image. We can shoot your “Video Portrait” in the comfort of your own home or outside in a beautiful cinematic setting.

“Video Portraits” are often scripted but there is seldom any speaking. Your video clips are edited together into one final video that is usually 3 to 6 minutes in length with your choice of music. We shoot “Video Portraits” of all ages – children to grandparents – with graduation video portraits the most common.

Our “Video Portraits” are not modeling sessions. They are designed to capture your personality while you are in some kind of activity: walking in a park, walking in a field of wild flowers, walking on a beach, in a forest, by a waterfall, kicking a soccer ball, playing an instrument, reading a book, showing your hobby or any combination of these and more. The choice is up to you.

It’s a time to be creative and have fun revealing your unique personality in a cinematic video. We will direct you and make you feel comfortable. You become the star of a “Video Portrait” that will be cherished forever.

Our pricing is very reasonable and varies according to the number and diversity of locations used.